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How do I fund a new boiler with bad credit rating?

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Come winters and many of you find yourself struggling to keep up with the financial burden of the season. From Christmas Week to welcoming New Year, to arrival of Valentine’s and Easter, we remain busy throughout the Wintry Season. In the middle of family celebrations and get together(s,) additional costs owing to boiler breakdown can cost you dearly, particularly with poor credit health.

Be it the cost of a boiler replacement, installation or repair, the lists of expenses could be astounding for a person with flimsy balance in their bank account. After spending additional bills for season’s celebrations, it could be overwhelming to look for more loans for a boiler. However, owing to the nature of the requirement, looking for short-term loans in the UK for a boiler is an absolute necessity for you.

Let’s understand below why it is wise to look for a boiler on finance with bad credit.

Know the Costs

With the poor credit score, you certainly do not have enough cash in hand. The cost of replacing a boiler could vary depending on the type of heating equipment you choose. It would typically cost you anywhere between £1000 to £2500, for installing a new boiler at your home. So, getting a new boiler is a pricey affair.

It is an investment, not the expense

The average life of a boiler is between 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you maintain it. The standard repair bills can cost you up to £ 500, including replacement of lines, heat exchanger, burner or chimney.

With incessant cash crunch, it would not be a cakewalk to fund a boiler replacement or repair on own. You certainly need financing for the purpose. Delaying the repair of a faulty boiler line can hurt the entire line and may cost you even later on.

Thus, while calculating the cost of a boiler replacement, you must keep in mind that you are investing for the next 10 years.

How to fund boiler installation?

If you do not have enough bills in your pocket, availing long term instalment loans for bad credit can help you bear the cost eventually with convenience. You can avail finance for the boiler at as low as £20 per month. Besides, you can always prepay when you are financially ready for it and save the interest amount with prepayment.

With poor credit, you do not need to worry about the cost of the loan. In fact, being the owner of the home, you can apply for homeowner loans with bad credit and avail the finance facility at cheaper rates. Using a secured home equity loan, you need not pay an additional amount on loan interest or processing charges.

It takes merely one day to replace the previous one. For more alternations and installations, it takes three or more days. You can get a fair idea of the time and money required by using professional help.

All in all, it is all about how well you plan the replacement of the boiler and it would not hurt you financially despite the poor credit.

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