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5 Effortless Ways to Have Fun This Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again – fun gatherings with family and the loved ones, warm and bright decorations, gifts and presents lying around the house, the smell of cookies, and the lighted Christmas tree. We all love to decorate our doors and halls with boughs of holly. Most of us will blatantly agree that Christmas is not a festival, it’s a feeling. And the truth is, it starts months in advance. We plan and start our shopping for Christmas presents and sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday prove to be helpful. However, you must not be tempted by every other offer on the shelf that may burn a hole in your pocket. A handful of tips and tricks may save you from the marketing gimmicks.

                We are always in a constant search to find ways to have fun and create memories for a lifetime during this season. Because Christmas means family and holidays. We spend time with their loved ones so we try to ensure that everything is right on the track. Whether it’s the turkey or decorating the Christmas tree. Fun becomes an absolute necessity.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss 5 easy and effortless ways to maximize the degree of fun.

  1. Visit the Local Markets

Christmas holidays mean – step out of your home and explore. Experience the joy and liveliness of the Christmas markets. Eat your gingerbread while witnessing the sparkling lights to rejuvenate and soak in the feeling. You will find a lot of shops selling mulled wine, hand-crafted gifts, street food, fashion items, stocking fillers, ceramics, etc., Some markets also have live music shows and ice rinks – which just adds up to the list of fun activities. If you are confused to choose which Christmas market to visit first, here’s our list of top 10 best markets in the United Kingdom. Do some prior research and do not miss out on the fun that these markets have to offer by deciding to stay indoors this festive season.

  1. Run a Poll for the Movie

Watching a movie on Christmas with your family is one of the best and relaxing things to do. But why not to make it more engaging and fun? Run a poll among all the members of your family to unanimously decide for the “Movie of the Night”.  Write down the names of top 5 to 10 Christmas movies on a board and ask your loved ones to write the name of the one they want to watch on a paper. Majority wins.

Some of the best Christmas movies are:

  • The Snowman
  • Millions
  • Stick Man

Here’s an extensive list of 25 top Christmas movies that you can enjoy this season to celebrate the spirit of gathering.

  1. Bake your Own Cookies

Christmas is about indulgence. Sip on the hot chocolate while munching on your favourite cookies – isn’t this an ultimate bliss? Rather than bringing homemade luxury biscuits from the bakeries, get the flour, baking powder, and prepare batches of oven-fresh cookies at home. Make variety of them such as apple, caramel, walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, pear, and the list doesn’t end. Store them in cookie jars or eat while it’s still warm. You can also pack different types of cookies in a jar and place a sticker wishing Christmas and gift it. Such heartwarming gestures leave a footprint on the person forever. Or, you can ask your friends and family to bake their own cookies and bring it to your home – so all of you can exchange the cookies among yourselves. How fun does that sound?

  1. Donate

The number of homeless people in Britain has reached 320,000. Your act of kindness may be quite helpful for the less fortunate. Any festival is fun only if you do something good – and charity is one of them, even according to Ebenezer Scrooge. It doesn’t mean go over your budget and donate. Prepare a budget months before Christmas and allot some money that you can afford to that particular category. You can also help them by donating socks, sweaters, mosquito nets, toys, clothes. Visit an orphanage and donate the handmade cookies to the kids – you may feel ecstatic and happy for doing that. After all, it’s the season for merrymaking and joy.

  1. Elf on the Shelf

Age is no bar for this fun-filled activity. If you have kids at home, you can do this easily. Place the elf on the shelf and when they are asleep, place it somewhere else. Ask your kids to find that the next morning. If you all are adults, you can do the same. Hide it and ask others to find it the next morning. Let them roam around the entire house to find the elf. Place the shelf on the breakfast table, near the cookies jar, or in front of the television. Here’s a list of 101 ideas for the elf on the shelf.

Every year, we eagerly wait for Christmas and often panic when it’s hardly a few months away – because of improper budgeting. You can have a grand Christmas celebration on a budget as well. Read our blog about 20 tips that will help you save and budget for Christmas. You need to plan and prepare a budget for anything – whether it’s a wedding, or a birthday party, an exotic family holiday abroad, or a simple Christmas celebration at home. List down everything that you “need” and not everything you “want”. Differentiating between these two is important if you do not wish to spoil your financial fitness. There are various loans available for Christmas but you may not need one if you have saved for the celebration in advance.

If you have some more ideas to have a fun and warm Christmas, please drop in a comment so that our readers can benefit from them. This season, let’s make merry, and spread love and joy.