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Holiday Season is Here: Know About an Instant Holiday Loan

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“Relax. Unwind. Get in a flip-flop state of mind. Because the HoliYAYS are just right the corner.”

Traveling not only rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul but it teaches you many things that one can inculcate in their lifestyle to make it more happening. Many people who are avid travelers say that traveling has changed their life significantly. The ritual of traveling has started ever since man came into this world. Back then, travelers used to cover a long distance on foot and later, on camels, horses and now we are blessed to have different modes of commuting viz., airways, waterways, roadways. And no matter what, people do travel in some way or the other.

Everyone wants to gaze at a night sky with glistening dots of light, or soak up the summer sun while enjoying your food in Cours Saleya market in Nice, France or pack a bag full of winter accessories and gears and go skiing at Coronet Park in Queenstown, New Zealand. A person who travels learns a lot on the go. Unfortunately, traveling requires fund and after 9-5 and 5 days working office shifts, we are not left with much to invest in travel. That’s where an instant holiday loan could be one of the many ways to make your dream come true. Your dream of traversing the globe can be fulfilled with the help of this loan. A holiday loan is often termed as vacation loans. This is a form of unsecured personal loan available in the financial market of the United Kingdom.

Often during our holidays and vacations, we end up spending almost every single penny that we own and then we realize that there is an immediate need for funds. Holidays can cause a great deal of financial strain on those who are not prepared for the expenses that accompany it. Though it is always a good idea to save money for this time of the year many times a supplementary source of funds is required to fully enjoy the holidays. An instant holiday loan is always considered better than using a credit card as it doesn’t need to be paid off immediately and repayment of this instant loan can be scheduled as per convenience. Taking out a holiday loan is an affordable way of going on that much-awaited vacation when you haven’t had the chance to save enough money to cover the vacation expenses.

Listed below are a few benefits of taking an instant holiday loan:

1. Flexible: An instant holiday loan doesn’t require to be repaid immediately or to be repaid in the very next month. A potential loan borrower may manipulate and spread out the cost of the vacation and repay it easily. It can be paid off in instalments as well.

Tip: Always assess your affordability and repayment chances before borrowing an instant holiday loan and add a month or two to your loan repayment schedule.

2. Easy: It is easy to apply for an instant holiday loan in the UK online. An individual interested in opting for the loan has to fill out an application form and the decision pertaining to the loan will be informed instantly.

Tip: Make sure that you opt for a holiday loan only. It shouldn’t be confused with a cash advance loan or payday loan.

3. Transparency: The borrowing period, interest rate, and repayment terms remains the same throughout the loan term and doesn’t vary. This gives you a clear and concise idea of your monthly repayment amount and helps you to manage household finances and other expenses.

Tip: Borrowing a loan or personal loan from any bank or credit union may not be beneficial for you as the terms and conditions of the loan are subject to change as per the market situation.

4. Low-Interest Rate: Rate of interest of any instant holiday loan is lower as compared to the rate of interest levied on a credit card. Paying off a debt from a credit card takes a lot of interest amount.

Tip: It is always recommended to choose a holiday loan over a credit card due to the lower interest rate. A lot of money is saved if you choose a holiday loan in terms of interest.

5. Know your Spends: When an individual opts for a holiday loan, he or she spends the amount they had opted for while choosing the loan. But in the case of a credit card, or let’s say, an individual possesses more than one credit card, they end up spending more than they realize.

Tip: With a holiday loan, you cannot spend more than you borrowed because you get a lump sum amount whereas a credit card may lead you to spend more.

6. Accessible: Even if you don’t have enough money in your pocket, you can go on a vacation without any delay. Let’s face it, we all need vacation time and again. And with no money, options are limited. An instant holiday loan can make vacations possible in a low-effort way.

Tip: Plan short-trips or micro-trips over a weekend if you are running short of money but you need a vacation badly. Visit a place nearby, switch off your mobile phone and lay down with a novel from your favourite author and enjoy being pampered by the hotel services. Life is good.

7. Easy Repayment: An instant holiday loan doesn’t demand to be paid off in one single go. An individual who has taken an instant holiday loan can schedule the repayments in instalments.

Tip: Plan and prepare a schedule of repayment for hassle-free and easy repayment(s). In this way, your other finances are also well-managed and it doesn’t disturb your financial stability.

According to a research carried out by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Britons spend the most money when they travel to the United Arab Emirate’s cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai and The UAEstimulates some profligate spending as when British vacationers visit they tend to spend £750 for a short break and £963 for a longer one. Brit’s spend about £504 for longer holidays which ranges from 4 to 14 days. Every year, the amount borrowed for a holiday loan in the UK is increasing and the rise is a result of Brits choosing holiday loans after proper financial guidance and assistance.

For better mental health, it is suggested to take a break from the regular and monotonous life once in a while. Holidays are the quintessential part of our lives for a soulful introspection as it provides time and space for creative thinking. There should always be a balance in an individual’s life for a peaceful living. As we continue to embark on our journey for self-discovery, taking care of smaller things in life becomes more important than ever.
Choose carefully after skimming through the best holiday loan deals available and reach out to financial experts for their guidance and assistance. As proper support will definitely help you choose the right deal for you. Pack your bags and soak in the sun for a week or two as detoxing the mind and soul is crucial in this mundane world.


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