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Short-Term Loan Statistics: UK

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Short- term loans are most often used by the Brits to aid their financial needs. These loans are provided for a shorter duration of time in order to manage the small financial bumps that you may encounter on your way. Repayment tenure is short; you can pay in instalments monthly or weekly depending upon your loan agreement. People generally rely on these loans when they are out of funds and some unavoidable expense occurs. According to a report released by the Competition Market Authority (CMA), which conducted a payday lending market investigation, people are going for Short-term loans online in the UK (83%) as compared to the high street(29%). The UK has been one of the leading short-term loan regulators for the past years, but there has been a change in the figures of the loans being sanctioned since the last 2-3 years. Though people of the United Kingdom are striving for these loans on a daily basis, the popularity of these loans is gradually fading away. Payday loan price cap has affected the number of borrowings of short-term loans. It was reported that the total value of the loan generated for the year July 1, 2017, was £1.3 billion and the repayable amount was £2.1 billion. 4/10 individuals have less than one week’s funds of their respective income in savings. To understand better, what affected the lending lately, there is a brief study given below about various prospects of short-term loans.

Change in the Status of Short-term Loans at a Glance:

  • Loan Volumes- Recorded Quarterly (2017-2018)

The volume of the loan is basically the number of loans which are being given to people and firms. The data as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) suggests that there has been a fall in the sanctioning of the short-term loans around the first quarter of 2017 but gradually it increased. People generally used these loans to fund their financial emergencies. Brexit has stirred up the minds. The numbers in the below table depict the loans provided in the last two years.

Loan Volumes- Recorded Quarterly (2017-2018)

The data as per the FCA depicts the overall borrowings that the people of Britain took quarterly between 2017-2018. The slowest growth in lending since 2013 has been recorded, creating a stir in the credit-lending sector.

  • Geographical Distribution- Distribution of Loans Across the UK

Across the UK, short-term loans are circulated, there are many registered FCA brokers and lenders who are willing and lending people money. They are helping people to get access to funds to aid their short-term financial stress.

Geographical Distribution- Distribution of Loans Across the UK

The above table depicts short-term loans that have been given out to people, across the UK. As you can see, the highest percentage of borrowers is in Central & Greater London. Suggesting that people in this area are more likely to be in the need for short-term finances to cover the expenses. People in the North West of England are more into short-term loans when compared with Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has the least statistic when it comes to short-term loans. People opt for short-term loans when a situation demands urgent monetary attention. The short tenure of these loans provides people with a flexible way to access cash advances when in need and repay in instalments.

  • Age Spread of Short-term Loans

A convenient way to arrange funds when some unavoidable expense comes up and your payday are still far away. Short-term financing is what will help. These loans are meant to provide cash advances to people during a short-term financial crisis, which means for a period offewer than 12 months.

Age Spread of Short-term Loans

The above figure clearly tracks down the widespread use of short-term loans by the people of Britain. People in the age group of 25-34 are more likely to be the users of short-term loans to cover up their financial needs when they are out of funds. These loans are generally used for housing, personal expenses, medical expenses, and many such general expenses. These are taken for expenses that are unavoidable. Short-term loan users tend to be young as per the data by the FCA. People who are old and settled in the outskirts, like Northern Ireland, use the least of these loans. People move out of central Britain when they are retired leading to the least use of credit financing by them.

Uses of Short-term Loans as per People of Britain

Uses of Short-term Loans as per People of Britain

Short-term loans are generally used when you are in the need of extra cash and that too instantly. These loans have a tenure of fewer than 12 months and are unsecured. According to the data study, the above figure depicts the percentage of people using short-term loans for various purposes. The highest of all the uses is for Food and living. You can get Short-term loans on benefits to cover up for your additional expenses. Inflation has led to an increase in prices, which ultimately makes it tough to afford even a staple diet and this is the reason why people have become cautious about their spending.

Final word

The analysation about the status of short-term loans in the UK summarizes that these loans are gradually becoming the second choice to seek funds for the people of the UK. Short-term loans are traditionally used to manage short-term fund issues. Lately, due to Brexit, people have become more cautious about their funds and personal finances. They now think twice before applying for a loan as it ultimately increases financial stress due to debt repayment. Applying for short-term financing online has provided easy ways for people to arrange the required funds on time. The FCA is keeping an eye on the recent credit financing activities in order to ensure that people are served right.

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