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Tips for Planning A Non-Traditional Wedding

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Tired of the same old totally traditional wedding? Want to give a go for an off-beat wedding? Discard the old traditional ways of having a wedding and this time do it how you like it. YES, IT IS TOTALLY IN!! Ideas, beliefs, and perceptions of people have changed over the years and it is totally okay to go with the change. Be the OFF-BEAT BRIDE you wish to be and have a wedding, you always dreamt of.

So, if you’re planning for an off-beat wedding and need a little help, we have these insider tips for you so you can have the best and memorable wedding you always wanted. Here’s how:

Keep It Simple

Simple and classy is the key to a happy wedding! Without spending all of your savings, at once you can still have the wedding you always dreamt of, by planning exactly what to spend where and putting your money into the right places. A wedding means unexpected expenses. If you want to have a little extra money and do not have a budget for it, you can choose a Wedding Loan to fill in your extra requirements.

Set Your Wedding Budget

  • Plan how much money you want to spend on a wedding and avoid spending unnecessarily on things that are generally not needed.
  • Sit down with your partner and calculate the approximate cost that will incur on the wedding.
  • Make a list of everything that comes to your mind while thinking of a wedding.
  • Plan on how to spend the minimum amount of money over things that will be needed in the wedding and remove unwanted costs.
  • Negotiate unexpected costs.

Cut Down On the Invitations

  • Go paperless, nowadays there are various mediums through which one can communicate with others. Similarly, wedding invitations can be sent through electronic media which will result in saving time, energy and money.
  • DIY, wedding invitations are easy to do it yourself take help of a design-savvy friend or go through some websites where you can create your own designs and print out your own design for your wedding! You will probably be saving quite an amount of money over going with a professionally printed invitation suite.
  • Make a call! Invite your close ones through a phone call, plan on inviting only the people who are very close to you and the couples you usually socialize with and invite them to your wedding over a phone call, it is both time and money saving.

Say No to Lavish Decorations

People are obsessed with throwing grand parties with luxurious decors when it comes to functions like these. A huge amount of money can be saved by organizing simple but stylish marquees and cutting down on these expenses.

How About a Surprise Party?

As fun and interesting as it seems, throwing a surprise wedding party will actually cut down half the cost it would require to host a grand wedding party, also, it would cut down the guest list to a very small number of people.

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Yes to Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

Picking a spot that doesn’t usually cater to weddings can help you save money. Choose an unusual wedding place. This will make everything else much easier and simple. A magical backdrop with picturesque scenery will definitely make every guest fall in love with your wedding. What else do you need?

Lower the Expenses Made On Flowers and Décor

  • You may have your heart set on a particular flower, which would match the background of the wedding venue but this time consider settling for a different shade or variety.
  • Picking local blooms that are in season at the time of your wedding would be less expensive, also local flowers tend to look fresher because they didn’t have to travel for days.
  • Planning a wedding with simple but stylish decors can be time and money saving.

Catering Plans

  • Seated plated dinners tend to be the most expensive option for catering. So ask each potential caterers about alternatives such as buffets, family style dinners. Cut down on spending huge amounts on dishes that are generally not needed.
  • Cut down on the expensive drinks, avoid pricey liquors or a bar stocked with almost every different type of liquor. Stick to serving beer and wine to your guests to save money while keeping your guests hydrated.
  • Ask the bartender to serve in smaller glasses for the appropriate use of drinks.

The Big Fat Wedding Cake

  • Go for a smaller cake, the more tiers on your cake the more it will cost you. Instead of serving the cake to all your guests, think of alternatives such as pies, cookies or ice-creams. Pick something affordable which won’t add too much to your expenses.
  • Ask your friends or people who are into a bakery to make a wedding cake for you instead of going to an expensive bakery just to get yourself a fancy wedding cake.

The Biggest Wedding Cliché Of All Time – The Wedding Dress

  • Score a discount by buying wedding dresses from stores with reasonable prices but good cloth material instead of going to the designer outlets which will unnecessarily shoot high prices.
  • Look for pre-owned wedding gowns or check out wedding stores that specialize in pre-owned wedding gowns, or borrowing it from newlyweds or friends and relatives.
  • Set a new trend by wearing something not very fancy but very unique and stylish that is affordable and can be in the budget.

Borrow Accessories

  • Save on your accessories by using family heirlooms, it will add meaning to your “BIG DAY” by adding some sentimental value.
  • Why not make your own accessories? There are many videos on the internet that shows ‘DIY’ videos to make handmade pieces of jewellery and what not.
  • Borrow accessories from the newly-weds and the couples who you usually socialize with.

The Guest List

Trim it out.

Take a thorough look at the guest list you are preparing, make sure to add only the ones that are very close to you and will make the wedding memorable by their presence. Avoid inviting every other person just because you met him or her at a birthday party! Inviting in such a manner will only result in huge expenses, which is unnecessary.

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