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Save Money When Travelling Abroad

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When you travel long-term, you are not merely taking a vacation or going on a weekend getaway. In a short trip, you see everything, save sleeping until later, taste all the foods and drinks, and maybe even stay in an accommodation designed for special occasions. Excessive spending becomes less exciting as you stick to a manageable budget on a longer trip.

Vacationing or travelling should not involve worrying about your budget or whether you’re overspending. If you don’t plan ahead, you are likely to overspend when you could use that money more effectively.

Here are some tips to help you quench your wanderlust, without breaking the bank.

Travel more, stress less: 8 tips to save when travelling abroad

Nobody wants to trail off their budget when planning a long-term trip abroad. Here are 8 tips to help the practical ‘you’ have fun on a holiday without stressing about the finances.

Travel during the offseason

If you’re able to avoid travelling during peak times and avoid the crowds, take advantage! Over the school holiday period, prices rise considerably. The two half-term holidays and Easter are also likely to be more expensive during the summer. Don’t just avoid the summer – think of Easter, Christmas, and both half-terms. Cheaper tickets and fewer travellers mean a win-win situation for travellers travelling out of season!

Be flexible with your travel dates

You are more likely to find the cheapest flights if you are flexible with your travel dates. Several factors affect the airline industry’s prices, including demand, airfare availability, and passenger preferences. Have you noticed that sometimes the price of a flight can jump by 50% after a week or drop by 30% within a few days? Airline prices adjust in real time in response to changes in the three factors mentioned above. It’s easier to find a low price if you are comfortable with different dates. In the event that you decide on a specific date, you will have to pay the fixed price.

Carry your adapter kits

If you’re planning to vacation in a different country, you should take advantage of this money-saving technique. Purchase an adapter that will work with your device and the power grid at your destination before you leave. Manufacturers such as Apple and Android offer a travel kit with adapters for a variety of regions, including Japan and the EU.

Ditch the taxi and the tube – walk and explore the city

You don’t have to go all the way there, but only once you’re there. Walking around and taking in the architecture, while admiring the sky, is the best way to explore a new place. Those who are too tired to walk should use the metro before taking a taxi in case they are too tired to walk.

Carry your own nibbles for the way

Pack your own snacks to save money while flying to ensure you don’t pay a fortune for an old and stale ham sandwich on the flight. So long as the foods are not liquid (soup, hummus, yoghurt), they can be brought on board. You should stock up on snacks if you have a long flight wait, and prices are usually hiked up at airport restaurants too.

Avoid the extra baggage charge

Instead of packing unnecessary items in your case, why not wear them instead? In order to get the maximum amount of luggage on the plane, you can use a luggage jacket and bag. It’s also a good idea to weigh your luggage before you leave in order to avoid paying unexpected fees at the airport.

Buy some local currency in advance

There can be a lot of charges associated with withdrawing money abroad. Although your debit card might be cheaper than your credit card, remember most banks charge commission fees for cash withdrawals in addition to every cash withdrawal you make. You can avoid this by withdrawing a large amount so you won’t be charged as often. If you want to get the best rate, you should watch the fluctuating exchange rates before you travel. As a bonus, you will also avoid the high commission at the airport exchange desk.

Home currency matters

You should travel to places where your native currency can take you farther, when you’re just starting out as a traveller. You will be able to stay in better accommodations and eat out more frequently when you travel to destinations that have a lower average daily cost. You can hire a driver for day tours or travel between cities if you choose to travel to destinations with a lower average daily cost.


Having learned how to stretch your pounds, it’s time for you to plan the trip you’ve been postponing all these years. You can reduce your overseas travel and living expenses when you follow our travel tips.

You can find free things to do anywhere in the world. You can seek out ways of enjoying nature and the arts if you don’t want to walk for miles to view a city and its parks or buildings. With no spending at all, you’ll get to experience something you otherwise wouldn’t.